Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well ya'll are in for a treat! I have pictures (thanks to my brother). We had a great time this past week in NC. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving Day.

The Family

The Kiddos

Our Family

My Dad. I just love this picture!

Dad and Mom

Silly Faces

Natalie, Mary Alice and Charlie

Owen and I

Mary Alice and I

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sorry I have been MIA. My readers have been emailing me asking for a new post and I am trying not to let them down. :) I have a HORRIBLE camera and I have not been taking any pictures. Which is really sad. This time last year my camera broke and I was not posting much and then Steve bought me a new one for Christmas...and well now that one is broke too....

Anyone with a extra "paparazzi" camera laying around? If so please send to me at.....

I have a little extra time on my hands and just wanted to send a shout out to all my fans :). HELLO MANDY! I am sitting on the couch waiting for "Ghost Rider" the movie to be over. Steve and my brother somehow have gotten into the movie and so I am surfing the Internet looking for black Friday deals. Yes...I have looked at camera's but just can't find what I want under $500. How sad is that?

So most likely my lack of posting will continue! Hope everyone is having a great thanksgiving. I am enjoying mine with my parents, grandfather, brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School

We have had a BIG first week of school. Mary Alice and Charlie both started school at the Downtown Elementary. Mary Alice is in first grade and Charlie is in their preschool program. They are both going the full day (8:30-3:30).

After the first day of school on Tuesday I picked up the kids and asked them "Well how was your first day of school Mary Alice?" And in her most animated expression she answered " It was WONDERFUL". I then asked Charlie the same question, and with a grumpy face he said "actually NOT".
Those answers pretty much sum up how each of my children feel about school. Mary Alice loves school and Charlie would rather just stay home!
Charlie with one of his teachers Mrs. Geyer

Mary Alice with her teacher Mrs. Best

As soon and I dropped of the kids I drove up to Mt. Airy to pick up our new puppy....because I have NO idea what I would do with all my "free" time while the kids are in school I decided to get a puppy.....

Let me introduce...........Dubus Duce Hirst

It is really hard to photograph a puppy......

Dubus is a Boston Terrier (he does not have the normal markings). He has really been a delight! I am wondering when the "honeymoon" is going to be over. He is very loving and OBEDIENT!

The kids were so surprised when they got home...they are in LOVE!

And just when you think the week can't get any better Uncle Landon called and was in Charlotte for business and came to spend Wednesday night with us.....

Mary Alice and Charlie were soooooo excited...

We love and miss you Uncle Landon!

Hope everyone is having a great week....I still have plans to post pictures from Camp...so check back soon...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Texas in July

In July we made the big trip home to Texas! The kids and I were there for almost 2 weeks. It was great to be with everyone. Our first stop was Harlingen! We had soooo much fun July 4th at Uncle Wayne's. I really wish I had some pictures of the night....I will have to work on that!

The kids were amazing together. We went to the beach, schlitterbaun, swam in the pool and really just enjoyed being together.

One night we just sat around, played the guitar and the kids danced and even sang some themselves! The kids also each made a garden stone...for Mamma's patio. They turned out really cool...thanks Eric and Kari.

Merrill making her stone

Neely and Mary Alice dancing

Charlie and Elaine dancing
Mary Alice and Jake

Neely singing "If you were a bluebird" with Uncle John

Coach and Jordan singin' the blues

Daddy singing Patience


The Girls!

Christie and Jake

Meal Time!

"The Hangout""

The Dudes

"Peace out" .....as the kids would say....
Up next....Houston and Camp Hollymont!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Whacked Fairy Tales

It is official..Mary Alice has appeared in her very first play. She was a cow in "click, clack, moo" which was a part of the bigger production "Whacked Fairy Tales". It was unbelievable really. The production consisted of children ages 5-17yrs old. To see children act and remember their lines at such a young age was amazing to me. The play was about an hour long and the children had no help. It really was a real performance.

Here are some pictures!

Here we are outside the theatre standing in front of the sign that advertised their play

Here we are before the performance # 2 on Saturday

Here is Mary Alice in action

Kids on stage

My favorite cow

She was so surprised by her flowers each night

Here were are after performace #2

Here is Mae, her "step-sister". Ask me to tell you the story..it is hilarious!

Mamma and Mary Alice

And here is where I had tears in my eyes...curtain call!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Mamma and Coach visited last week and we had so much fun! Here are some pictures of a new favorite find just 35 minutes from our home!

Still posing....

Still hiding....

Next up....pictures from Mary Alice's preformace of "Whacked Tales"